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Three Times You Should You Say No to the Wedding Dress


Say No to the Wedding Dress

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Wearing a gorgeous wedding dress is almost every little girl’s dream, and if you’re planning to get married you’re probably very excited about the prospect of being able to wear that once in a lifetime gown. However, when wedding dress shopping it can be really difficult to find one that you like, especially if you’re shopping with friends and family members who’ve all got their own idea of what looks good on you. There’s also your budget to take into account, as well. If you’re finding it hard to decide when to say no to a dress, we’ve got you covered – read on.

When the Budget Doesn’t Allow

If there is simply no space in your budget for a dress that you’ve seen, you’re probably going to have to say no to it – unless you can conjure up the rest of the money from somewhere else. If you’re dead set on a dress that is over budget there are ways to get around it such as compromising on other parts of the wedding or even seeing if you can ask a family member or close friend to lend you the money – but if you don’t want to do this, it’s time to say no. Thankfully, many wedding dress boutiques will have similar dresses at a cheaper price, so it’s worth asking.

When Other People Take Over

Almost every bride to be has been there – you try on a dress that is nice, but something about it just isn’t ‘you’ – however your mum has other ideas and is 100% set on you wearing that dress. It can be hard not to give in to the demands of close family members, however you should remember that it’s you and you alone who is wearing this dress, so if you’re only considering getting it because somebody else likes it say no and pick a dress you like – you never know, the friend or family member who loved the other dress might prefer the one you pick in the end.

If It Needs Tweaking

Sometimes, you find the absolutely perfect wedding dress for you, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on it in order for it to be a perfect fit. If you find a dress that’s two sizes too big for example, you could end up having to fork out hundreds in alteration costs, and even then you can never be guaranteed that it will look just as good on you as you imagined it would when you first saw it. It’s best to say no to a dress that needs a lot of tweaking no matter how perfect it is – as you can’t be sure that it will be just as perfect after the changes have been made.

No matter which type of wedding dress you choose, we are sure you’ll look beautiful on your big day! If you’d like to save money on your wedding, check out UK wedding savings wedding packages – you won’t be disappointed.

Cute sandals for my Honeymoon


Reef shoes

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Hello guys!

Some of you may know that I have recently got married in the South of Spain and now we are planning our dream honeymoon adventure in Bali. I have been dreaming to visit this dream land for awhile. Since I lived in Costa Rica for a few years, I think the nature would be pretty similar but what I am really excited about is a rich culture, delicious food and ocean.

As you can imagine I am shopping for pretty much everything related to the beach, like cute dresses, skirts, hats, flats and comfortable sandals.

One of my friends recommended to check out Reef women’s shoes. She said they have super comfortable and cute beach shoes.

Reef’s products, were inspired by the beauty of the women in South America. Reef’s founding brother, Fernando, and Santiago oversaw a brilliant opportunity to introduce the surf market to an excellent exotic element. The current firm, with 30 years in the market, produces cute beach shoes. From the comfortable sandals to boots and other brands, Reef women’s shoes comes in varying sizes, models and colors.

Reef sandals_

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I must admit I really like the variety of vibrant colors. From bright to dark colors, the cute and comfortable beach Reef women’s shoes will allow me to capture every moment. They are made of high quality durable eco-based materials, so it can last for a long time.

The lovely and comfortable, stylish shoes are favorable for the elegant globe travelers who value comfort that combines elegance in an innovative way.

I like how reed mixing fashion and functions. Depending on the mood, you can choose from a variety of comfortable sandals.

I really like two particular styles: reef chakras in aqua waves and coral plus aqua. I really like vibrant colors and I think it will look perfect on the beaches of Bali. What do you think?  Which colors do you like the most? I need your help!

Reef Sandals



5 Creative Ideas for Your Unique Wedding Invitation



Your wedding invitations not only inform your loved-ones of the date, location and time of your wedding, they set the tone for the entire event. The fonts, colour schemes and imagery you choose for your invitations can set the scene for the type of wedding you have always dreamed about, which is why it’s always a good idea to spend a little time and effort designing something that will never be forgotten. These five unique wedding invitation ideas will ensure that your special day lives long in the memory.

1. Include a photo

The best wedding invitations always say something very unique and personal about the happy couple. One way to personalise your invitations is to have a romantic photo of you and your future spouse printed onto them. You can either choose a very specific photograph that already means a great deal to you, or you may want to have some fun by dressing up in period costume. If you are planning a themed wedding, this could be a chance to let your guests know what the theme will be. You then have the option of using printed envelopes or having the photo printed onto your invitations. (more…)

Autumn inspired cognac wedding

Cognac weddingAutumn is full of  gorgeous and rich colours and cognac inspired wedding could be a stunning event. When you play with colours as rich as cognac monochromatic colour palette it could appear quite sophisticated and elegant.

When choosing colors for your wedding, you should make sure that you like the colors and that they represent your style and taste. It is your personal touch to your wedding and it should be in colors that you enjoy seeing. (more…)

Goth Wedding: Halloween inspired


Goth weddingJust in time for а Halloween celebration why not to get inspired by dark wedding theme that some people might love. I am talking about a Goth Wedding with dark colours and zombies. If you are planning a goth wedding, than details will make or break this dark celebration. When dressing the part of a gothic person, the right accessories are very important. Typically Goth pieces are silver and black and include symbols like skulls and crosses. Goth accessories exemplify darkness and extravagance. It looks dramatic and bold.


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