5 classic watch

5 Classic Watches for Women

(pinterest) A classic watches for woman is another important element in a closet full of wardrobe essentials. Your watch can say a lot about your innate style and taste and every time you wear it it’s reassuring and empowering.  However, with so many options to consider it can be difficult finding a classic women’s watch […]

fear of starting business_

Fear of Starting Business

Do you have a fear of starting business? Are you afraid that things won’t work out the way it planned? Do you fear change? Change is scary, there is no doubt about that. It takes guts to take the first steps. But life is all about change and progress. It’s ok to be scared, but you shouldn’t […]

What To Wear_ Navy Hat and Khaki Scarf

What To Wear: Navy Fedora Hat and Scarf

What is Fedora Hat?  A fedora  is a hat originally designed for a woman but is now most commonly worn by men.Lately I see a lot of celebrities and runaway models wearing this gorgeous and trend. Personally, I love it, its very  stylish, remind me of old glamour and if styled well, can definitely be […]

What Is Personal Shopper_

What is a Personal Shopper?

What is Personal Shopper-this question I hear a lot from someone starting out in Fashion Industry. Personal Shopper is a trendy and exciting career..see for yourself what it’s all about! Hiring the services of a personal shopper can greatly increase the quality of your shopping experience and can also be a lot of great fun! […]

How to Shop_Sales

How To Shop Sales

Oh my god, is that clearance? : How to shop sales   If you’re anything like me, your eyes light up at the site of the sale rack of a nice store. And how can you blame us? Shopping sales is the bread and butter of the real shopper. However, as I have to re-learn […]

4th of July color analysis

4th of July Color Analysis Sale

Do you have closet full of cloth and nothing to wear? Or maybe it looks like zebra passed by you closet,  leaving you only with black and white choices? Believe me, I was there and struggled with boredom and same all grey pants and skirts, until I discovered color analysis and  power of color. At GlamThings, I offer unique […]

5 things to look for in dress shirt

5 Things to Look for in a Dress Shirt

Is there anything more tedious than shopping for a dress shirt? They’re often so elaborately clipped and pinned, that asking to try one on feels like an implied commitment. And the overwhelming variety of cuts, collars, and patterns can leave the average shopper feeling a bit bewildered, to say the least. Thankfully, there’s a remedy. […]

what if i have no experience as an image consultant

What if I Have No Experience as an Image Consultant?

Are you a New Image Consultant and have No Experience to show? This is a very common problem for a starting out Image Consultant. You went to school, you got your education,  you have all the necessary tools and skills  And what now? You have no experience. You don’t really know how to start. What do you do […]

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