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5 Creative Ideas for Your Unique Wedding Invitation



Your wedding invitations not only inform your loved-ones of the date, location and time of your wedding, they set the tone for the entire event. The fonts, colour schemes and imagery you choose for your invitations can set the scene for the type of wedding you have always dreamed about, which is why it’s always a good idea to spend a little time and effort designing something that will never be forgotten. These five unique wedding invitation ideas will ensure that your special day lives long in the memory.

1. Include a photo

The best wedding invitations always say something very unique and personal about the happy couple. One way to personalise your invitations is to have a romantic photo of you and your future spouse printed onto them. You can either choose a very specific photograph that already means a great deal to you, or you may want to have some fun by dressing up in period costume. If you are planning a themed wedding, this could be a chance to let your guests know what the theme will be. You then have the option of using printed envelopes or having the photo printed onto your invitations. (more…)

Autumn inspired cognac wedding

Cognac weddingAutumn is full of  gorgeous and rich colours and cognac inspired wedding could be a stunning event. When you play with colours as rich as cognac monochromatic colour palette it could appear quite sophisticated and elegant.

When choosing colors for your wedding, you should make sure that you like the colors and that they represent your style and taste. It is your personal touch to your wedding and it should be in colors that you enjoy seeing. (more…)

Goth Wedding: Halloween inspired


Goth weddingJust in time for а Halloween celebration why not to get inspired by dark wedding theme that some people might love. I am talking about a Goth Wedding with dark colours and zombies. If you are planning a goth wedding, than details will make or break this dark celebration. When dressing the part of a gothic person, the right accessories are very important. Typically Goth pieces are silver and black and include symbols like skulls and crosses. Goth accessories exemplify darkness and extravagance. It looks dramatic and bold.


Sangria wedding color palette

Sangria wedding color palette


Wedding is a special moment in your life and you should make sure to make it even more special by adding some romantic colors to it.

Having a Sangria inspired wedding is something you can easily achieve by adding little details in that color. You are probably going to wear a fabulous white dress, but you can make it even more trendy and glamorous, if you add few little details in this color. (more…)

Gold and rose sophisticated wedding

gold and rose wedding

A nice combination of gold and rose can make your special day even more special.

Experiment with wedding color palette and do not be afraid to try new things as it can make you stand out and shiny on your wedding day.

A glamorous combination of gold and rose will make you look gentle and elegant at the same time. (more…)

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