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Holiday Buy, Sell and Swap Party

Myself and My Fabulous friend Fashion Stylist Joey Garr organized meet up group Dining and Fashion Barcelona. That’s a group where we give some fashion related seminars as well as take people to some of the most glamorous places in Barcelona to dine or have a drink.  Our very first seminar was “10 Wardrobe Essentials” and it was so much fun! About 13 woman came, we set up very intimate and welcome atmosphere in beautiful apartment of Joey and ladies seem to love every minute of it.
Our second event was a Holiday Buy, Sell and Swap party. Take a look at some pictures.

isn’t this gorgeous?
Rubio~such a cutie!
We all stand out and told a little story about fashion pieces
My partner Fashion Stylist Joey Garr
And myself
We are planning to do much much more of fun and glamorous events in a coming 2013 Year so if you ever in Barcelona please don’t hesitate to join us with Dining and Fashion Barcelona.

Halloween Costume and Autumn Love

Hello Beautiful!
Halloween is almost here and I can not wait to go shopping for my Costume. I am thinking of being Pixie Dust, take a look at my inspiration. I will try to find something less provocative but I definitely want something green, cute and sexy.  Just how I like it!
BTW, if you like this costume you can find it here.
Did I say that I love Autumn! I discovered this recently.  If you follow me then you probably know that I spend last 10 years in Florida and Costa Rica and wearing boots is quite an adventure for me.
I love Autumn because of Spicy apple latte in Starbucks , because I can wear autumn colors such as burgundy and orange and can do layers. Love layers, who doesn’t?
And just to put you in a Autumn/Halloween mood I want to share this great yammy recipe from Ohsheglows. These homemade “Rolo” Knock-Offs  are Vegan, Gluten-Free and has only 5 Ingredients. EASY!

Homemade “Rolo” Knock-Offs

Yield: 18 bites
  • 200 grams pitted soft Medjool dates (about 11 large)
  • 1/2 tbsp peanut butter (or other nut or seed butter)
  • pinch of fine grain sea salt
  • scant 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • chia seeds (optional)
Next post is going to be Halloween Special Edition.  I will show you {what to wear} , {how to decorate} and something {yammy} for this Halloween. Stay tuned! (;


"Barcelona en las Alturas"

Hello Lovelies!

I would like to tell you about the Market I had a chance to attend this weekend in Barcelona. 
“Barcelona en las Alturas” that translates as “Barcelona in the Heights” is a Portobello Style Market, where everything is about style and details.

The event took place in the beautiful Torre Amat -19th century Art Nouveau house, that situated in the heart of Sarrià, a charming old district of Barcelona. 

Torre Amat has a wonderful romantic style garden. Garden is full of orange and lemon trees, hibiscus and has a perfect old-world atmosphere with a touch of sophistication and glamour. 
At the Market you could taste delicious food, have a glass of Cava while listening to the lively music.
 But the most important I had a chance to get to know local fashion and interior  designers.

My friend bough a beautiful sparkly bracelet from Joyeria Infantes. And I had my eye on the LUPE clutch from GIALLOW brand. 
LUPE clutch
Lito&Lola offered a pretty selection of feminine jewelry for the Summer.
{image}: lito&lola
And Malices had a fun selection of Handbags.

Food was served by Sarovathe catering service that not only taste delicious
 but food looks pretty as well. 

Overall, it was a pleasant getaway from the city.
P.S. Thank you for the Pictures to my friend Kristina!


CROXE Fit Collection + Miracle Beauty Product

Hola Chicas!
My First Semester in Barcelona is OVER and it feels really good!! It has been quite an adventure. I met some amazing and inspiring people  and learned many interesting things. 
Remember, IT’s never late to learn and follow your heart, don’t be afraid to change. Who knew, I would be in Barcelona now!? 6 month ago I lived “Pura Vida” life and I was quite happy. But whatever happens, happens for a reason and I feel like it’s getting better and better with each and every day!

Last week I went to see new Fit Collection from my favorite Barcelona jewelry Designer ~ CROXE.
This time show was held at the top notch gymnasium  DiR, right downtown Barcelona. 
The show started with very fun exercise dancing routine with trainers showcasing the pieces of jewelry. I really love how CROXE always manages to Incorporate jewelry into the show. 
I think it’s so entertaining and fun!

These are two wonderful Designers behind this all Magic~ Augusto Rozo and Daniela Luque. Besides being super talented they are one of the nicest people that I’ve met.

A little sneak peek into the Fit Collection

Team of CROXE

 I couldn’t stop myself from taking a picture with one of the Gorgeous Male Model that Croxe hired to showcase their jewelry. Take a look at my statement ringit’s made by CROXE from last Venezia  Collection
Everytime I wear this ring, people ask me where did I get it? Let me tell you, it is such a pleasure to wear a piece of jewelry that is one of a kind. I’m definitely saving my money for the next collection.(;
If you want to learn more about Barcelona top secret check out CROXE website, or email me. 

Dress-Zara, Belt-Bershka, Shoes-Zara, Jacket-vintage, Ring- CROXE

Also, I would like to share with you a beauty product that I recently purchased.

I’ve noticed that after spending so many years in the sunny places such as Florida and Costa Rica, I started to get dark spots. And it has much to do with how long your skin has been exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays.
As a true believer that every problem has a solution, I went to my favorite SEPHORA and wonderful sales person reccomended me this product. I just started to use it few days ago but at the day 1, I felt some burning. I guess it works! I’ll let you know if It’s one of this miracle products. Well, I hope so!

How do you protect your skin from overexposure to the Sun?

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Croxe "Collezione Venezia" Event

Hello Lovelies,
Last week a had a chance to attend one of the most Incredible Event I’ve been so far~ the launch of the new Collection “Collezione Venezia” from Croxe Jewelry Line
Lately I’ve been obsessed with this Gorgeous Jewelry line that based in Barcelona and I actually couldn’t stand and got one of their stunning pieces for myself. But let’s start from the beginning!

Croxe Jewelry Line is a Private Atelier, created by two Designers: Augusto Rozo and Daniela Luque, that offer Exclusive Jewelry only to people who know the Secret. So you have to be a friend of a friend, or get on the mail list to get an access to this beautiful Collections.

I was really excited to be Introduces to this two talented Designers and let me tell you,  the Croxe Atelier is simply stunning, almost as stunning as Croxe pieces of jewelry itself ~ truly one of a kind experience.

Anyway, let’s get back to the “Collezione Venezia” Event.
It was taken place in a beautiful and mysterious Palau Dalmases Espay Barroc in El Born area in Barcelona. Just being in that surroundings made the whole evening very special.

At the Entrance it was a Dresses up Persona , you had to give a password in order to get Inside.

 When I entered Inside that little door,  I felt like I escaped into the Magic Farytale world~ candles, actors, Dressed up in Venetian Costumes, and the fact that everybody had to wear masks made it very mysterious and intriguing.

When the show started and guests sat down, the Models started to come out and showcase Collection Pieces one by one. 
Later,  Opera Singer in a Gorgeous White Dress started to walk around ,while singing some magical piece of opera, and slowly dressing up in a statement ring , then necklace and then earrings. 
I think it was Brilliant Idea! Really spectacular move!
 All that was accompanied by the beautiful piano player in a romantic flowery Dress.

And the Most Important News. I’ve got the Stunning Statement Ring. You see the biggest and the most Beautiful one? That’s the One!)

Isn’t this Amazing!? Can’t wait to show it off next time I go out. It takes 3 weeks to prepare each piece because all jewelry is Custom made. 
And Do you see that Blonde Haired Girl in the Back? That’s would be Me!)

{Images via Croxe}

Ahh, what a Magical Night!!!

Stay Tunes, I’ll write about my Lovely Ring in a Future Posts!


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