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Problem Solving Formula

Every one of us at one point in Life have to deal with Problems. Doesn’t matter large or small~ problems are never pleasant. But there is always a solution to Every single problem.

I consider myself to be an optimist but at some times I feel down and depressed. Thanks to My Loved ones, Family and My Passion~ I always find a way out.

I would like to share with you the “Ultimate Success Formula” that I’ve learned by reading “Think Yourself Success” book by Alireza Azmandian
Alireza came from Iran with his family to continue his education and to live American Dream. When he came he was just a reporter from Iran and 12 years later he become successful and accomplished businessman. I really like the way he encourage and stimulate to be positive in life. I also like the fact that he is mixing useful advices with the Law of Attraction, which Im a Big believer in.

Steps to Solve Any Problem:

1. Know Exactly What You Want.

Humans tend to create fear and anxiety in front of the problem. When you have fear, you are blinded and not capable to solve the problem.
First step is to understand the problem, define the issue and know exactly what happened. Pen and paper is the best tool here. White down the “Problem Statement” And then ask yourself what has to happen in your life for you to say that your problem has been solved? This is an act of clarification.

2. Find the Best Solution and 
Immediately take Action.

Do not dwell on the problem statement , rather discover what are the ways to fix it. Pick the best path to success and do the first step Immediately.

3. Evaluate actions.

Successful people always evaluating their steps and actions. Keep in mind that along the path subconscious mind finds better solutions and brings them to your attention. Listen to yourself!

4. Learn from Role Models.

Successful person would not waste their time on errors and trials when they can learn path from somebody else’s experience. Read more about biography of people that Similar to You or Your destiny.

5. Maintain Faith and Be Optimistic.

You should believe that a Problem is an opportunity to grow and excel. Always stay optimistic so you can solve each problem with your wisdom and intelligence.

6. Keep a Record of Successes and 
Celebrate each Victory.

Once you’ve overcome a challenge , take a moment to reflect on your ability to come to a successful resolution.The only thing left to do is to record your success and praise yourself! This Step is Great for your Self-Confidence and Your future Victories.

More thought for You:
* Consider Life’s Challenges as hidden Blessings
* Trust in God
* Think “How?” instead of “Why?”

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