Glam Girls: 5 Favorite Things +3 Life Lessons: Colorful Krafts

Today, we continue Glam Girl Series where I interview my favorite friends, bloggers and 
just an inspiring woman.
Please Meet  a Fun and very creative Rebekah the Founder of Colorful Krafts.

5 favorites things :


Is there anybody that truly doesn’t love a rainbow? Whenever I see one its as if I’m rediscovering the colorful arch for the first time. For me that colorful arch in the sky says much more than “rainbow” it stands for freedom, creative thought, inspiration and COLOR after all broken down the real definition of a rainbow is not only “An arch of colors formed in the sky”  but more importantly “A wide range or variety of related and typically colorful things”.Yay! Now I’m smiling!


This might be more of an obsession then a favorite thing. It started at a young age my grandmother was a costume designer and I would rummage through her draws and draws of buttons standing one small stool to reach the higher draws, some large and dull some so full of bling it made my eyes burn. Growing up I felt as though it was more of a relationship checking in on grandma’s buttons watching her sew and create but when she passed on who was going to care for these beautiful things…? Me.They took on a new meaning almost as if these little round gems were family heirlooms. Some off clothes she made by hand some off costumes I knew danced on Broadway but some never used – just waiting to be loved.. I would tell their story.

{button book}


Anything. That’s what I love creating anything and everything. When I dream I dream in color but when I imagine I imagine in 3D. Its as if my mind is a 3D high def TV.  A gift or a curse when it comes to paper crafting, sewing, cooking or baking its the final presentation of what the project or dish I seethat ends up coming to life. In my head I break down the picture piece by piece to create what I “see”. Nothing is more rewarding then holding something in my hand that not long ago was only in my mind.


The only girl of 4 children,  growing up I wasn’t sure if that made me the outcast or special I had to learn my survival tactics quickly after all one day they were going to want to go out on a date and want my advise on what to wear – and it wasn’t what they were wearing – let me tell ya! What I wasn’t
expecting was everything I could learn from them. We laugh, cry and share everything – on almost a daily basis. When I met my husbands family I knew he was “the one” cause our families blend seamlessly we all love each other like friends. Not sure where I would be without them but I know I wouldn’t or couldn’t be the person I am.


Its almost a drug. I need it. Its simple “laughter is the best medicine”!

3 Life lessons :

1.  Always Be Yourself.  
You ever go to a party and there’s a “Barbie” there no I mean this girl is “perfect” her hair some how  magically looks amazing in every circumstance – when she talks everyone laughs.. Yeah that girl.Question. How do you  know she’s not thinking the same thing about you? Be who you are and the world will love you because you are a gift. In the age of plastic this and lift that I want to be the girl who was “born this way”! 

2. Its Worth Waiting For.
Whatever you want most – its worth the wait. Maybe it’s the right dress – its better to have one amazing dress you saved for than 10 from the sale rack. Maybe it’s remodeling your house. For me it was a husband and boy was he worth the wait. My love everyday I spend with you is a dream. 

3. Your Decisions
Every moment I make a turn, choice or decision I define who I am not only to those around me but to myself. This is probably the greatest lesson I’ve learned. Do I make the right choice or do I procrastinate? Everything I do affects “you” and if collectively we as women, men of every race and creed made better decisions I think this world would be more beautiful, hold more laughter and most of all it would be more colorful. 

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    Great life lessons. It’s good to be reminded of these things every once in a while!


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